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​CLS Industrial Purification offers diverse opportunities and is always looking to advance and invest in technological and operational leadership.

A Privately Owned & Operated Company Offers Unique Benefits.

At CLS Industrial Purification, we offer our employees a broader range of experience and responsibility and encourage innovative ideas and growth within each department. Each employee manages his or her own area of responsibility with support and encouragement from leadership. We currently have offices in the Far East and are always looking to expand to new areas. In every position at every location, we provide plenty of room for personal and professional growth, and strive for employee success and satisfaction.

In addition, we also offer:

  • Very competitive compensation at all levels
  • Minimum two-week paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid personal days
  • Opportunities for world travel
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Current Corporate Headquarters Opportunities:

» Business Development and Marketing

  • Spearhead CLS profitability by generating new prospects.
  • Responsible for analyzing, planning and implementing marketing and sales activities to increase profit and retain loyal customers.
  • Confirm manufacturing and supplies catalyst charge ordered.
  • Ensure management of each project with the objective of arriving at satisfactory catalyst design for each application/project.

» Product to Market Support

  • Develop and Implement new product processes for the production of custom-made absorbent systems. Product to Market Support provides key leadership and support for operation of new product development and analysis to customers.

Corporate Headquarters Opportunities

Contact: Lisa Weetman

P: (281) 538 4669

F: (281) 538 6876

Current Manufacturing Site Opportunities:

» Mechanical Technician

  • Devise, fabricate, and assemble new or modified mechanical components or assemblies for products such as industrial equipment and machinery, power equipment, and machine tools. Modify or adjust equipment to meet specifications.

» Process Technician

  • Operate machinery and perform process procedure to execute material production.
Manufacturing Site Opportunities

Contact: Lisa Weetman

P: (281) 538 4669

F: (281) 538 6876

The CLS Difference

CLS Industrial Purification specializes in total chloride removal and sulfur removal, CLS Industrial Purification offers key advantages over competitors.

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