CLS Industrial Purification

Exclusive application focused technology

Providing Certified Purification globally offshore to downstream.

Purification Applications

Specializing in Variable Cell Zeolite, Vari-Zeo™, we manufacture absorbent technology that is custom-made specifically for each unique application.

Targeted contaminate removal using Vari-Zeo technology for greater saturation and longer cycles that are more robust to contamination.

American Made
US raw materials + US production = Supply chain continuity and reliability

Chloride Removal

Absorption of organic and inorganic chlorides for Total Cl removal in gas or liquid phase Reformer (CCR) applications. NO side reactions or green oils are made in the process.

Mercury Removal

Leading the oil and energy industry in the removal of element and organic mercury from raw natural gas and condensate upstream applications.

Sulfur and Arsine Guard

Absorption of mercaptanic, thiophenic, and benziothiophenic species for Total S removal in addition to absorption of organic and inorganic arsine. CLS S and Arsine guard beds purify gas or liquid phase streams in natural gas, refining, and petrochemical applications.

Why CLS Industrial Purification?

American-Made Quality:
Complete USA production.

Targeted Contaminant Removal:
Precision contaminant elimination.

Exclusive, Unique Technology:
Proprietary CLS development.

Rapid Manufacturing & Support Response: Unmatched production and service speed.

Trusted Industry Veteran: Over 18 years of industry partnership for 90% of our clients.

CLS Vari Zeo Encapsulation Process

Our Company

The CLS Difference

Specializing in total chloride, mercury, sulfur, and arsine removal, CLS Industrial Purification offers key advantages over competitors.

CLS Industrial Purification  designs absorbent reactors for our product systems or use our product systems in existing reactors. We understand the shortcomings of existing reactors and design application technology that overcomes those shortcomings.

Application technology from CLS Industrial Purification was developed in the refinery, not a lab. Forming a customer partnership, we offer technical expertise with unmatched depth of analysis and discussion. We know how to run guard beds, monitor their performance, and understand what the monitoring values mean.

CLS Industrial Purification exports American-made products. With our global exposure, we are experienced with plants in Southeast Asia and Europe and can build on that expertise.

Why CLS Industrial Purification?

Alvin, Texas Craftsmanship:

Zeolitic absorbents manufactured locally.

U.S. Sourced Materials:

Every product made from scratch, exclusively in-house.

Proprietary Absorbent Formulas:

Expertly engineered to remove diverse contaminants.

Self-Developed Technology:

Innovative absorbent tech with no outside licensing.

In-House Manufacturing:

Unique process for all products, ensuring quality control.

Specialization in Contaminant Removal:

Focused expertise in extracting chlorides, sulfur, Hg, arsine.

Decades of Client Trust:

Maintaining 90% customer retention over 18 years, globally.

Industry-Leading Production Speed:

Dedicated to absorbent manufacturing for prompt delivery.

Unmatched Technical Support:

Immediate response times for peak customer satisfaction.

CLS’s unwavering dedication to crafting specialized, American-made zeolitic absorbents sets us apart in an industry where broad-focus competitors cannot match our level of precision and expertise. Our survival and success stem from this singular focus, ensuring each client benefits from our unparalleled commitment to purification excellence.

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