Chloride Removal

Innovative Absorbent Technology Manufactured in Alvin, TX

Zeolite-Based Absorbents

CLS Revolutionizing chloride removal in oil refineries, CLS Industrial Purification provides absorbent systems featuring:

This application is around the catalytic reformer (CCR) in oil refineries. HCl, λ-RCl and β-RCl are taken out from reformer H2 gas and reformate liquid. CLS Industrial Purification produces zeolite-based absorbents that can remove all Cl species without forming green oils and RCl.

Through kinetic modelling of Cl treaters, CLS Industrial Purification can accurately predict cycle lengths, given differing contaminant levels. Accurate measurement of RCl in H2 gas can be performed via onsite Cl survey, leading to accurate Cl balance around the CCR.


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