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About Us
We are fully committed to Quality, Value and Customer Satisfaction.

About Us

Total chloride removal systems with absorbent technology from CLS Industrial Purification result in measurable value for our clients.

Our innovative leading-edge absorbent technology is applied within engineered solutions, enabling oil refiners to achieve species specific trace contaminant removal. We are the only fully vertically-integrated absorbent manufacturer in the U.S.  

All of our absorbent technology and product systems are American made at our own Manufacturing Plant in Alvin, Texas 

With a goal of continuous improvement, dedication to technological advancements, and a committed focus on the customer, CLS Industrial Purification has designed and installed HCl, RCl, H2S, R-SH and Hg removal systems in over 600 reactor cycles worldwide. 

The result is a measurable value for our clients in the form of decreased corrosion, lower maintenance costs, and better more reliable downstream operation. 

CLS Chloride Absorbents:

  • Engineered zeolites
  • Absorb all inorganic and organic chlorides
  • No side reactions that create more organic chlorides
  • High capacity (30% wt equivalent)
  • Work well at all temperatures
  • Improved reliability by eliminating chloride-related problems

Traditional Chloride Absorbents

  • Alumina-based or metal-oxides
  • Absorb only inorganic chlorides. Organic chlorides slip to downstream users.
  • All alumina-based absorbents make side-reactions that create organic chlorides that slip downstream.
  • Low capacity (8-15% wt capacity)
  • Metal oxides only work at temperatures >150C. Alumina-absorbents only work at temperatures <50C.
  • Downstream salt formation, fouling, corrosion, catalytic impairments

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