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  • CLS Industrial Purification

    CLS Industrial Purification

    Providing innovative
    solutions that work.

We Specialize in Chloride, Sulfur and Mercury Removal.

  • Our Chloride Absorbents

    Our Chloride absorbents are the only avaiable material performing total Chloride removal proven to absorb λ-RCI and β-RCI organic Chloride species along with HCI.

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  • We Engineer & Design

    We engineer and design all of our fixed-bed absorbent technology systems in-house, and manufacture them at our production facility in Houston, Texas.

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  • We Manufacture

    We are a manufacturer of ceramic-based absorbent technology, used to remove trace amounts of CI and S species from gas and liquid streams within a refinery.

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  • Chloride Management Program

    Because properly monitoring a Cl bed is crucial for maintaining an effective Cl treater, every system we install includes online monitoring. Once a system is installed, we teach and implement our Chloride Management Program (CMP). Our CMP is far more than simply pulling a Draeger tube once a week; it's a culture shift within a refinery. Refineries utilize capital investments in Cl treaters to protect their downstream equipment, keep product in spec, and mitigate any pipe corrosion to protect everyone inside the unit.

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We conduct onsite training, Cl surveys, and tests for organic chlorides. Maintaining an effective Cl treater is vital to achieving all operational goals.

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We understand that no two Cl treaters or sulfur guards are the same, and we offer custom-made absorbent systems.

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The maintenance of a chloride removal Vari-Zeo System from CLS Industrial Purification is the easiest and most cost-effective of any material available.

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Designing and producing our own material allows us to continually alter and improve these "recipes" to achieve optimal chloride balance for each reformer circuit.

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We are fully committed to Quality, Value and Customer Satisfaction.

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